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2014 Kraye Angus Bulls Ultrasound Data

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Friends and Cattlemen,                                                                     January 2014

Enclosed is the EPD information on the bulls offered in our upcoming production sale. We have included actual birth weights, 205 ADJ weights, CED, birth, weaning, yearling and milk EPD’s. We have also provided an abbreviated pedigree, with the sire and the dam’s sire, or in some cases the dam’s grandsire. The registration numbers are also listed to enable a pedigree search from .

Some of the registration numbers are not available, at this time, as we are awaiting the results of some blood tests. The EPD’s on those bulls are the projected EPD’s and they could differ slightly from the actual numbers. We will post the registration numbers and updated EPD’s on our web site, as they become available.    

The bulls in this sale have been closely evaluated since birth, and they are the products of years of dedication to the quality, consistency and integrity of the Kraye Angus cow herd. These bulls will deliver some of the most powerful genetics available in the Angus breed, for both performance and calving ease.

The average EPD’s for this group of bulls are: B.W. +2.6; W.W. +57; Milk +28; Y.W. +100.

Deep bodied, heavily muscled with strong bones and structural soundness, with naturally good dispositions, these bulls are an excellent set of quality beef bulls.

The yearling heifer calves that have been selected for the sale were taken from our replacement heifers and they have been subjected to the same strict standards that the bulls have been. The heifers will be offered in groups of 5 and will be sold as purebred commercial heifers.  This will be an excellent opportunity for someone to add some quality genetics to their cow herd.

The bulls are being fed at Sonneman’s southwest of North Platte. The bulls are on a high roughage diet and gaining over 3 pounds a day.

We are 75 miles from North Platte, but give us a call, and we would be happy to meet you at Sonneman’s to look at the bulls, or feel free to stop and see the bulls.

At Kraye Angus cattle is what we do. Our daily routines are centered on the current needs of the cattle and when we aren’t actually feeding the cattle we are busy growing the hay to feed them. We are 100% committed to raising the best cattle possible.

 We take pride in consistently offering cattle of this quality, year after year. We do appreciate your interest in our cattle program and if we can be of any assistance to you in your selection of your herd bulls, please give us a call.

This will be our 23rd annual production sale.  The sale date is April 5th, 2014, at the Kraye Sale Facility, Mullen Nebraska. We are offering the same volume discount, free delivery within 200 miles, or a refund for taking your bull home on sale day, and the 1st breeding season guarantee. All performance data will be available on sale day.

Kraye Angus                                                                                                                                
35791 Antelope Valley Rd          
Mullen, NE    69152                                                                                                        
John Kraye   308-546-2524 or cell phone 308-546-7309
David Kraye  308-546-7015                                                                                                           


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